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Back at it soon.

Ok, I have healed back up and will be back at it on Sunday, starting on Day 2 of the Insanity Workout.  This time will pace myself and if I cramp up again will stop the workout and work the cramp out before I resume the workout.



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Well I really hurt my calf during Day 2 of Insanity.  So I am pausing on my workout for now.  I will see how my calf is on Monday night, if then its good to go, I will then resume my workout but will start back on Day 2 cycle (since Day 1 is just the Fit Test).  Even with proper stretching it did not stop my calf from cramping up and then I did like Shaun T stated and dug deeper and pushed through it, that will be the last time I do that because my right calf feels like I have a permanent “charlie horse.”

I am not giving up though, I really want to do this, but also as Shaun T says, if you hurt, stop the workout.

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Day 2

Damn, what another good workout.  This insanity is real tough to keep up especially at the end.  I think what I will do is do it a slower pace in the beginning of the workout because I give way to much in the beginning that by the time the last 10 mins of the workout comes I am so cramped or tired that I barely can finish.

From the looks of it each sets I do is 3 of them.  So I will do a nice slow pace on the 1 set, pick it up for the next 2 and then rinse and repeat for the other sets.

I maybe sore and aching all over the place but I must keep doing this workout.


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