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Day 1

Yesterday, I completed day 1 of the Insanity workout.  All I got to say is OMG!  When I first got into the workout I was doing well keeping up with the 2 people who was on the video, but around the 4th exercise I started feeling the  exhaustion creeping in.  By the end of it I could barely do the other exercises.  Now mind you this was only the Fit Test, which is done every two weeks to determine how you have improved as you do this workout over the course of 60 days.

This morning, though I feel a bit sore, but also feel very energized.  I have not felt like this since the 2nd week of High School football training.



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My Goal.

I have decided to start getting back in shape and then start training for the local triathlon for next summer.  So, I have planned to start doing the Insanity workout starting tomorrow to get back into shape.  Once I felt I am in a decent shape, which I figure would be late fall/early winter, I will then start working on my triathlon training.

I figured I would keep a blog about my training to help me stay on track and not steer away from my workouts.

So, best of luck to me and a healthier, better me in the near future.

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